Friends of Morston Church
Registered charity number 1099831

ON SAT 25th JUNE 2016 AT 6.30 pm

Committee Present
Dr Peter Tibbetts, Chairman
Mrs Carole Bean, Deputy-Chairman
Mr Rob Metcalfe, Treasurer
Mrs Mally Bullard,
Dr Antonia Hardcastle

‘Friends’ and Members Present
Mr David Carnwath
Sir Robert ffolkes

1.Apologies. These were received from: Committee Members Mr J. Wingfield and Mrs S. Harrison; and also from: Mr S. Bullard, Mrs E. Curtis, Mrs. G. Kay, Mr T. Kay, Ms E. Lloyd-Jones, Mr and Mrs M. Palmer, Mrs H. Todd, Mrs J. Tibbetts, Dr and Mrs A. Torrance and Mrs. Ann Wootten.

2.Minutes of 13th AGM. Held at Morston Village Hall on Saturday 13th June 2015 at 6.30 pm. Proposed as correct by Dr Tibbetts, seconded by Mr Metcalfe, they were unanimously approved and were signed by the Chairman as a True Record.

3.Matters Arising.  The Chairman announced that the PCC had again proposed Mr Wingfield as their representative on the FMC Committee. Approved unanimously.

4.Annual Appointments/Reappointments.  Mr Rob Metcalfe proposed the re-election of Mrs Carole Bean, Dr Antonia Hardcastle, Mrs. Susy Harrison and Dr Peter Tibbetts to the Committee. This was seconded by Mrs Mally Bullard. (Mrs. Mally Bullard and Mr Rob Metcalfe were re-elected in 2015). The appointments were approved unanimously.

5.Committee vote for Chairman and Secretary. Dr Tibbetts was nominated for the combined position of Chairman and Secretary. This was proposed by Dr Antonia Hardcastle and Seconded by Mrs Carole Bean. The appointment was approved unanimously.

6.Committee vote for Deputy-Chairman and Treasurer. The Chairman proposed Mrs Carole Bean to be re-elected as Deputy-Chairman and Mr Rob Metcalfe to be re-elected as Treasurer. This proposal was seconded by Mrs. Mally Bullard. The appointments were approved unanimously.

7.New Committee Member. There was a discussion regarding possible replacements for Mrs Mally Bullard, who, after many years of service, has stated that she wishes to stand down from the committee, although she would be happy to continue helping at events.

8.Treasurer’s Report. (FY 2014-2015). Mr Metcalfe presented the accounts and stated that the FMC’s income was down by almost £4000 on last year.  This was due largely to there being an additional event (F1 Talk and dinner) in 2014-15, which was not repeated in 2015-16. The decrease was somewhat counteracted by an increase in the takings of the Book Sale of nearly £1600. The usual expenditure was similar to last year. However, overall, expenditure was down by nearly £700, due to the absence of the F1 event. The balance of income over expenditure was therefore down by £3,200 at just over £12,500. The balance in the Current Account is, consequently, up to just under £61,400. There was a discussion regarding the possibility of opening a separate bank account (a Restricted Income Fund) for donations received specifically for the restoration of the Decalogue. The “Friends” have been offered £10,000 by an anonymous donor for this specific purpose. The question is to what degree should it be restored? It was agreed that the Chairman would write to the PCC to start a discussion on the subject.

9.The PCC Architectural Adviser’s Report.  Mr David Carnwath RIBA FRSA presented his report on the current state of All Saint’s Church. Specific work phases have been identified, as follows:
The Chancel roof, where dry, wet rot and deathwatch beetle were noted along with general decay.
Re-leading the Chancel roof.
Remedial work to the South Aisle roof.
Re-ordering the drainage system.
All of these are eligible for the ‘Listed Places of Worship: Roof Repair Fund’, to which a second application for £80,300 was made in February. In addition, some repointing of the external walls and internal redecoration is needed. If the application is succussful, the work will start early next year. If not there are plans to do part of the work, prioritising the drainage and Chancel timberwork. No decisions will be made until after the Quinquennial inspection, which is due later this year.

10.Chairman’s Report. The Chairman thanked Mr David Carnwath for his informative report.  The Chairman also thanked all of the committee for their hard work over the year in helping to set-up and organise the quiz, the book sale and the Shovell dinner. He particularly congratulated Rob Metcalfe for a spectacularly good 2016 book sale, which raised over £11,400. He sent a special “Thank you” to the multitude of helpers and commented that the book sale had really become a ‘village’ event. The food and drink along with the plants added over £2,000 to the sale of books. This year the new venue at Morston Barn provided a beautiful setting and made the transport of books slightly less arduous. There was a brief discussion concerning the “Friends” paying for hire of the venue, but this was strongly rejected by Rob Metcalfe (the owner).
The Chairman stated that we are in a frustrating time regarding the constant postponement of church repairs and is finding it difficult to put a positive ‘spin’ on the lack of progress. As a charity designated to prodive funding for repairs to All Saint’s Church, this is what we should be doing.

11. 2016-2017 Special Events.  Mr Wingfield has organised the 2016 Shovell Dinner for Sat 15th October (Dr John Villiers on “Augustus Keppel of Elveden and Augustus Hervey of Ickworth: A Tale of Two East Anglian Admirals”).
In 2017 – The Quiz was agreed to be on Sat 11th Feb. (However, at the request of Joc Wingfield, this has since been changed to Sat 4th February.) The Shovell Dinner will be on Sat. 14th October.
Mr Metcalfe announced that the Book Sale would be on 29th April – 1st May.
The 2017 AGM will be on Saturday 24th June

12.AOB.  None.

Peter Tibbetts5th August 2016