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Friends of Morston Church, West Acre, 2 The Street, Morston, Norfolk NR25 7AA
27th January 2017

Dear Friends,

May I wish you all a very happy New Year and thank you for your continued support of “Friends of Morston Church”. 2017 is upon us and it is that time of the year when I write to you to try and keep you up-to-date with our fundraising efforts over the past year, the work planned for All Saints Church and the planned events for 2017.

In last year’s letter I told you that David Carnwath, the Fabric Officer of Morston PCC, was in the process of re-applying to “The Listed Places of Worship: Roof Repair Fund”, in an attempt to gain a small proportion of the second tranche of funding from the government. Unfortunately, as with the first application, this one was also unsuccessful, so it looks like we are on our own for the moment.

Last year it was estimated that the major work that is needed on All Saints Church would not start before early this year. This is still the case, although there has been a slight delay in order to carry out closer investigations on the roof coverings and structure, a quote for which has been accepted. This is primarily to check the extent of the damage by death-watch beetle and the dry and wet rot in the roof structure, which was detected in the Quinquennial inspection. Following the completion of this, a tender document will be prepared, to cover:

Reconfiguring the drainage,
Repair and treatment of the roof structure,
Re-leading the chancel roof,
Reworking the south aisle roof and
The inspection and repair of the belfry floor.

This should make the church completely weatherproof and should allow the whole building to dry out. In a year or so, once the church has dried, cracks can be patched and the interior redecorated. We shall also be considering the restoration of the set of Royal Arms and the Decalogue on the tympanum above the chancel arch. This may be the subject of a separate fund-raising appeal.

In the 2015/16 financial year we raised over £14,000 with subscriptions, the Quiz night, the Shovell Dinner and the Book Sale. This is down on the previous year as we did not replace the one-off  F1 dinner/talk with another event. The Book Sale continues to expand (see also overleaf) and in 2015 took over £7,000 with the help of refreshments and the plant sale. Our outgoings were minimal, as the minor repairs performed on All Saints Church were funded by the Morston PCC.

Although it falls into the 2016/17 financial year, I feel I must tell you about the 2016 Book Sale, which, with the refreshments and plants raised a staggering £11,400. The new venue at Morston Barn provided a beautiful setting as well as making the transport of books slightly less arduous. Some visitors appeared to stay all day, with parents perusing the books for a second or third time! This event would not be as successful as it is without the year-round dedication of FMC volunteers, who spend so much time collecting books, researching them, pricing them, selling some on-line, and advertising the event. So I must say a very big “thank you” to the multitude of helpers, from book-haulers to cake-makers - the event has really become a truly ‘Village’ occasion. The food and drink along with the plants added over two thousand pounds. Not so long ago we would have been delighted to raise that at a “Friends” event, but the book sale has moved the fund raising to another level.

Please make a note in your diary of the dates of our events for 2017, as follows:

Quiz Night Saturday 4th February; Contact Joc Wingfield:01263-740431
Book Sale Sat-Mon 29th April – 1st May, Morston Barn, To donate books please                         contact: Sally Metcalfe (07813 369145) or Peter Tibbetts (01263 741082).
AGM  Saturday 24th June, Morston Village Hall at 6:30pm.
Shovell Dinner Saturday 14th October; The Anchor Inn, Contact Joc Wingfield: 01263                         740431

I encourage you to come to one or more of these events and please feel free to invite friends and relatives to come with you.

As in previous years I ask that if any of you have email addresses and would not mind receiving future correspondence electronically, please let me know by sending me a message at We had a good response last year to this request, but we still have a considerable number of members on our ‘snail mail’ list, which utilises much needed funds.

Thank you again for your support.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Tibbetts